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 Holistic & Integrative Wellness

Botanical Beauty

Reiki Energy Therapy 

Coaching : Life, Spiritual, Intimacy, Tantra

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

Meditation & Leadership 


Ordained Minister - Blessings & Soul Joining


My Purpose

Like most southern parents, my Dad only said my full name when I was in trouble as a child. Then upon graduating nursing school he said, " I knew you had the right name." Confused, I ask him to elaborate.
"I know you love to help. And I know it is a hard job. But remember, no matter what, you are an Angel of Hope for all those you meet. You are Angela Hope and A. Hope is never forgotten and always needed. Always help when you can and be happy in every moment. "  

Helping and Happiness guide my decisions and education propels my reach. 

I believe that there are many layers to us all. We must assess and heal all the layers including our ethereal and physical being. The mind, body, & spirit combine to make an unbelievable force of energy. I teach people to harness that energy for the sake of their own healing. Whether you seek to gain your inner Goddess of self-confidence, you need a nurse at your side to assist with a difficult diagnosis and medication regime, or seek to establish healthier relationships, I teach you to harness your own energy into a healing force like no other. 
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a little bio...

​Born and raised in the DFW metroplex; Angela Hope Harding, RN, RMT, LC, ORDM, now resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas and is proud to bring holistic and alternative wellness to both Texas and Arkansas! 

Angela proudly serves the greater DFW area with her office located in the near Southside historical district of Fort Worth, TX while also providing care to the entire North Texas region through satellite locations and old fashioned house calls. Her Arkansas location is known as The Electric Strawberry and also encompasses  Hot Springs' only Independent Bookstore and largest Salt Room!

She cares for all ages and knows no stranger when it comes to providing assistance. 

She obtained her Associates of Applied Science in Nursing and Mathematics from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth in 2002. She completed a fellowship in Neurology and Emergency/ Trauma Nursing and worked at two Top Rated Trauma centers in Texas until 2009. As she worked towards her Bachelors in Science  and Religion, she followed her soul and began studying 'old school' healing and the affects the mind and spirit had on the healing body. She obtained additional certifications in Holistic Nursing, Essential Oil Uses & Aromatherapy, Life Coaching, Tantra & Intimacy, Integrative Wellness, as well as integrating the use of Herbs in preventative and reactive healing. 

She is a member of the American Holistic Nursing Association and enjoys collaborating with like-minded healers. She is a Reiki Master and enjoys teaching energy & wellness classes of all types. Angela is also an Ordained Minister and takes pride in assisting in unions and blessings of many types.

Through preventative wellness plans, Angela hopes to help all souls integrate into a life in which they can live a happy, loving, successful, and peaceful journey while loving themselves and fulfilling their soul's path!

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