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Meet the Fam

Just a little bit about us and our weirdness!


Angela Harding
aka Moonie


Founder/ Co-Owner

She/Her, Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Rising, Salty Nurse Goddess, Energy Balancer, Medium, Do-what-must-be-done Bad ass!

Angela, a Holistic RN for over 20 years. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Life & Intimacy Coach, and Ordained Minister. She encourages routine acupressure to compliment Reiki healing sessions. 
She runs a successful holistic practice in Fort Worth and now calls Hot Springs her home. She is excited to expand and incorporate her family in their new business The Electric Strawberry and give back to the community!

She performs different styles of dance in her spare time, loves books, craves caffeine &  the stars, & all types of music!


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Geal (Guy-L) Harding


She/Her, Sag Sun, Gemini Moon, Taurus Rising,  Barista Badass, Medium,

 Book Master 

Geal is an amazing, natural-born intuitive and is working on her Reiki Master certification. She loves helping with classes and feeding your kids sugar!

She graduated High School at age 15 and has been working on her pilot's license. She will soon be able to offer up some private flights! She is a BOSS in the brews lounge, mixes a mean Spotify play-list, and enjoys hiding in the salt room with the new books when they arrive!


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Lina (Line-ah) Raye 
aka Raye Raye


 She/Her, Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Capricorn Rising,  Official Welcoming Queen, Smile-Maker, Baking Boss, Mini-Medium (don't rule them out!)

Lina Raye is the spit that holds our fire together! When you meet her, you will understand!

She is currently 5 years old, is mastering the 1st grade, is always turning flips or shaking her hips at Gymnastics & Dance class. She loves a good hike or crystal dig, collects Polly pockets, and LOVES the Backstreet Boys!

She helps us bake / owns Sweetie Raye's, clean the bookstore, organize, and loves helping with Aura pictures!

She is also a BIG FLIRT so watch your man around her! 

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William Harding
aka Jethro

 Co-Owner, Business Manager

He/Him, Sagittarius sun, Aquarius moon, Gemini Rising, Barista Badass, Mr. Fix it, Tech Guru

Jethro is technically a triple engineer specializing in the automation of the oil, gas, & waste water management fields.

He can do just about anything electrical, mechanical, or software programming -wise. Basically we tell him what we need and he makes it happen! 

He loves hiking, music mixing, books, and trying new foods while he travels!



Clairvoyant Crystal
aka Claire Bear

 Emotional Service Animal

Diabetes Service Animal - In Training

She/Her, Sagittarius sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising, Shop Dog, Official Hug Giver, Pink Pillow Collector

Claire is an extraordinary shop dog. She gives snuggles and alerts to high blood sugar. She loves her pink pillows for lounging but comes to the door when she hears you come inside! When she isn't sporting her vest or work shirts, she loves swimming, chasing balls, and walks with her bestie Gus ( our other family dog!). 

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